Saturday, 26 November 2011

About Me


It's me again. No one else my school likes to read (apart from my amazing best friend), so I started this blog to meet fellow reading enthusiasts! I'm also a huge fan of JLS, but if you don't like them it doesn't bother me! My best friend hates them! Hehee. I LOVE cups of tea, I'm actually currently drinking one! I think I use exclamation marks too much, they kinda scare me now..You know what else scares me? The Wanted. I mean, what is up with them? JLS are way better, and there is no denying that!

If there is anybody who is looking for an honest review on their book(s)/arc(s) then I will am more than willing to accept just email me at: and we could arrange something!

I really do hope you enjoy my blog! :-) If you have any enquires, questions or tips etc then feel free to ask/tell me them! Just comment or email:

So, thanks for looking at my blog, please follow me and I'll follow back!

-or Lozz or Lolly ;p

P.S                                               ^^Sorry I had to do it sometime ;p

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