Friday, 4 November 2011

Just a little newbie

Hi, I'm completely new to blogging!
Thought I'd say a bit about myself, I LOVE these 4 four boys called JLS, and i also love reading (although I'm not a very fast reader! :p) my favourite author is Cassandra Clare and I'm proud to say she has tweeted me three times!! I do a lot of volenteer work, which i love and I'm a year 10 student.
That's about it!


  1. Hi Lauren!
    Welcome to the incredible world of blogging. I started blogging in August so am still a newbie myself. Even though I've learned a LOT, there is still sooooo much I still want to know about this fascinating world of the blogosphere. I also LOVE to read and writing book reviews is one of my focuses on my blog. I'm a tri-niche blogger focusing on books & reading, reviews & giveaways, and [my] life (the good, bad, and challenging). I participated in my first book tour this past week for Emlyn Chand's Farsighted. I'm still learning myself, but if there are any questions that I can (try to) answer, please ask!
    Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Jaclyn!
    Thank you so much for following! You're blog sounds amazing and I am now following your site.
    Thank you for you're comment it means a lot. I think I am beginning to start to understand what 'memes' are and I did my first 'Movie Monday' this Monday.If you have any tips for me please comment or email me them (, if I have any questions I will be sure to drop you an email.
    Thanks again!
    Happy Blogging

  3. Oops! I put the wrong your, oh the shame..hehe. *your blog