Monday, 9 January 2012

Only 2 pieces of homework.

We have a new headmistress, well she's actually been at our school for about a year now. She has set a new homework 'schedule' where we are supposed to be getting 3 pieces of homework a day; we've been at school for almost a week now, and how much homework? Only two! But hey, who's complaining? Not me!

I have my Prefect interview coming up in a week and surprisingly I'm not actually that nervous! I'm aiming for head girl, but I'd still be happy with the title of Prefect. My Mum was a Prefect and my sister - one year older - is a Prefect, so I have to live up to that!
Anybody else aiming for Prefect or has been a Prefect?! Let me know in a comment :-)

Hope everyone is alright,
Happy blogging,

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